Parent Testimonial – May 17, 2021

“When it comes time for a child to go to school for the first time, every parent has more than a few moments of trepidation as they hand their child over to a school they might not be familiar with, and a principal they do not know. 

My husband and I experienced these feelings of concern when COVID had our children going to school remotely for the majority of the 2020-2021 school year, then switched to full time in person for the last few months. 

We knew that our daughter would eventually adapt to the change, but what we were not prepared for was how smoothly it would happen. Her teacher, Mrs. Emily Phamornsuwana, welcomed our daughter and the rest of the class, to the school with open arms that let the children know from the start her classroom would be a magical place where they would learn, laugh, grow and flourish. 

Our daughter fell in love with Mrs. Phamornsuwana the first week back in the classroom. 

And we, as parents, are so thankful to have her as our daughter’s teacher.  Not only did we get the sense that her classroom would be a safe and caring environment, but Mrs. Phamornsuwana’s passion for education gave us the confidence that her classroom would be a great place for learning. She is confident and professional.  She shows up early, works hard and carries herself in a polite, respectable manner.  She is poised, fun and in control of her classroom.  She has been very responsive in regards to the form of communication; emails, phone calls or parent teacher meetings.  Mrs. Phamornsuwana answered all our questions quickly, with no delay.  In addition, she is exceptionally gifted at making students feel comfortable and always maintaining a positive atmosphere.  I believe that the really great educators are the ones who have a true love for the profession and I believe that Mrs. Phamonsuwana has a true love for teaching. 

Mrs. Phamornsuwana has filled our daughter with passion for learning, confidence that she can accomplish anything that she puts her mind to, and we believe, has started our little girl on a great path that can lead her to great places.

It is without reservation that I recommend Mrs. Emily Phamornsuwana for this teaching position.”

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